About the park


Spoorpark Tilburg has a clear structure with a daily board, ultimately responsible for the realization of the charter. After the initial years of development, they mainly operate in the background. The responsibility for implementing agreements and daily management, along with the elaboration of annual plans, is entrusted to park manager Sophie Peters. She is therefore primarily responsible. The board consists of (from left to right): Lucy Bathgate (representative of Park Partners), Jorn Droog (secretary), Sophie Peters (park manager Spoorpark), Anita de Haas (chairperson), Noud Derks (treasurer), and Laura de Jongh (general board member)


Our Team

In addition to Sophie, Anja Eijkemans, Theo Horsten, and Jasper Nas are also employed at the park. Anja serves as assistant park manager and volunteer coordinator. She is responsible for ensuring that general communication from the park to the volunteers runs smoothly. Theo holds the position of caretaker and green manager. He works on maintaining a well-groomed “green” appearance of the park. Jasper is responsible for the website and the social media channels.


The Spoorpark can count on a large group of highly committed volunteers, divided into various teams: a team of green workers, litter pickers, handymen, park coaches, and tower keepers. Theo Horsten, along with the green volunteers, maintains all the greenery in the park throughout the year. Cleaning elements such as the grandstand, boulevard, and stairs is also part of their work. The litter pickers ensure the daily removal of litter, even on weekends. The tower keepers group maintains the Kempentoren daily and checks it before closing time. The volunteer coordinators oversee the litter pickers, park coaches, and green volunteers. The park manager can turn to the handyman team for renovation and maintenance work on elements in the park and office building.

Social Advisory Council

The Social Advisory Council (hereinafter referred to as the SAC) provides the foundation and its park partners with impartial and unbiased feedback on the implementation of the charter and the Governance Code, and advises them accordingly. It consists of 8-12 members who serve for a maximum of (twice) four years each and share their observations with the attendees at biennial meetings. Members of the SAC:

  • Serve on a personal basis for a maximum period of 4 years;
  • Receive only reimbursement for travel and any accommodation expenses;
  • Are independent and represent sectors such as leisure, events, hospitality, sports, youth, entrepreneurship, participation, and ecology;
  • Have a strong affinity with the city of Tilburg and its residents;
  • Provide both solicited and unsolicited advice, gather information, and stay informed;
  • Oversee the composition and succession of board members;
  • Assess the profile drafted by the board and recruit for succession;
  • Do not have a supervisory role over the board;
  • Are not a legal entity;
  • Do not nominate board members themselves.